Simple Retrofittable Machine Restart Protection

Lately, Bulwark Safety Systems has been seeing a lot more emphasis from clients on making sure there is no one in the danger zone prior to restarting a machine. To support our clients, we regularly protect against this concern by adding safety radars, safety scanners or pressure mats. Although, these solutions do require integration with the machine controls.

If you are looking for a simple, affordable and retrofittable solution that does not require electrical integration at all, consider Fortress Blocking Devices:


Blocking devices use a trapped key to ensure an operator is safe from the machine restarting while in the danger zone.

If your machine has a light curtain, you could implement this simple and inexpensive device with as little as 2 safety screws. By removing the key from the device, you block your light curtain, ensuring the machine cannot run as long as you keep the key with you.

If you have a door with a simple coded magnetic safety switch or interlock, adding the door blocking device will require the key to be removed before entry and will block the door from the closed position until the key is returned. By keeping the key, you will prevent the machine from being restarted while you are in the danger zone.

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