Skylight Covers: The Before and After

Over the next couple months, Bulwark wants to highlight a few of our safety solutions from 2022 in the hopes it might bring to light some areas in your own facility where safety can be improved. 

The first one we would like to share involves some very dangerous corrugated skylights. As you can see in the “before” picture below, these skylights blend in almost perfectly with the steel corrugated roof. Stepping on one of these is likely going to result in serious injury or death not only for the person falling through, but possibly those below as well. 

If these are painted to match the roof, it is dark outside or snow has covered the roof the hazard becomes even greater.


Fortunately, we have simple and affordable screen and railing solutions including the steel screen shown in the “after” picture above. Skylights are historically one of the most dangerous parts of the rooftop, second only to the access point. Below are a few other examples we installed in 2022:


Give us a call or email if you have uncovered skylights or other fall protection needs such as roof railing, ladders, self-closing gates, hatches, dock guards, crossover bridges, platforms, stairs, anchor points, etc.