Software to Reduce Fatigue and Test Fitness for Duty

Fatigue and lack of alertness present safety and productivity risks that companies are faced with daily. Whether related to a lack of sleep, intoxication, drug use, illness, distraction or other causes of impairment, employees and companies must work to better understand and mitigate fatigue and fitness-for-duty (FFD) risk in order to sustain effective productivity and performance. 

Employers are also experiencing limitations of traditional drug testing and encountering new difficulties in finding and keeping qualified workers in the era of legally accessible marijuana. Consequently, employers have recognized the need for a practical and workplace-friendly way for assessing fitness-for-duty, on a daily basis and particularly before workers perform critical tasks. 

AlertMeter® is a graphical cognitive alertness test lasting 60-90 seconds and has been shown through both clinical and workplace analyses to satisfy this need. Originally validated in a NIOSH-funded 2009 clinical study, AlertMeter® has since been successfully deployed in a growing number of safety-sensitive organizations across industries, meeting the key requirements for a workplace-friendly alertness test, such as being brief, inexpensive to implement, portable, and not requiring proprietary hardware. 

AlertMeter® has been proven in the workplace to increase productivity, reduce turnover, and lower costs of drug testing and workers’ compensation insurance claims. 

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AlertMeter – Testimonial by Vforge