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Stairway to Rooftop for Safe Maintenance Case Study

Process: Regular maintenance, such as clearing drains, changing filters etc. is performed on rooftop equipment.


Problem: Existing access was by ladder through an existing skylight that had been removed.


Concern: There is a high risk of falling while climbing the ladder, carrying equipment up the ladder or while pulling heavy materials by rope up through the opening.


Requirement: An existing exterior stairway and landing was an ideal location to add a stairway leading from the existing landing to the roof, however a pedestrian walkway below needed to be maintained. 

Challenges: The three major challenges were: 1- creating a stairway and platform that mates exactly to the existing landing. 2- Maintaining the structural integrity of the stairway while still providing pedestrian access along the walkway below. 3- Customer budget limitations.

Solution: Fixfast’s Kombi modular mostly pre-cut and pre-assembled aluminum extrusion stairway is the perfect “kit” solution. This pre-engineered system consists of the support module, platform module and stair module. Each module is available in a variety of sizes and designed for easy customization which greatly reduces engineering design, materials costs and delivery time. Modules were delivered on pallets and three days later the Bulwark Technicians had the system installed and ready for use. 

Our technicians will be returning to the site to install rooftop guardrails on both sides of the access, install skylight covers, build aluminum crossovers, and lay down walkway mats for complete rooftop safety.

For more information on solutions like this, or if you would like to know how to improve safety at your facility contact us at:

Email-  safety@bulwark.one


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