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Do I Really Need an Expensive Safety PLC- NO!!

Adding control reliability to your machines isn’t as difficult or costly as you might think anymore. When we open a control panel on a machine that as been in operation for a few years or more, we are surprised if there is a proper control reliable circuit. More often than not there are no safety … Read more

Safety Strategies for Full Body Access Areas

When you have a machine or work cell which allows for the risk of a person being in the hazardous zone when the machine is restarted, safety devices designed for Full Body Access Areas should be considered. A common area with this danger is in a robotic cell. A typical robot is surrounded by a … Read more

Do I Really Need an Expensive Safety PLC?

The answer is “NO”, for the vast majority of machines. Instead, consider using a Safety Controller if you have several safety sensors and want to include logic in your safety system. As an example, consider a pretty standard packaging application with 2 door interlocks, 3 light curtains and 4 emergency stops. Further, the exit conveyors … Read more

Light Curtains – Simple to Implement and Affordable

When a client asks us for help in designing guards for their machine they often have some kind of fabricated hard guard in mind. In many cases though, a light curtain may be less expensive than engineering, fabricating and fitting a hard guard. For example, a 30” Banner EZ-Screen LS is less than $1,000 and … Read more

Bulwark at Northwest Food and Beverage World Show

Today was a great day for Bulwark Safety Systems at the Northwest Food and Beverage World Show at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Our vendors from Banner Engineering, Fortress Interlocks, Predictive Safety and Troax joined us in the booth and gave expert help to our visitors. If you are nearby on Tuesday January 9th … Read more

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