Case Study in Overhead Crane Collision Avoidance

  Process: Large sheets of aluminum are moved using an overhead crane across an aisle way that is used by forklifts.   Problem: An  overhead crane passes in front of a  doorway just inside the building. When a sheet of aluminum is being moved across the aisle way, there is potential for a forklift to crash … Read more

Attention Grabbing Signage for Intersections

Are pedestrians sufficiently protected from forklifts and other vehicles at intersections and crosswalks in your facility? If not, projected safety signage is bright, highly visible, affordable and does not wear over time. To be sure to get the attention of pedestrians and drivers, projected images are typically turned on using motion sensors. We provide technologies … Read more

Guardrail Impact Ratings Explained

When specifying a guardrail, we take into account the potential impact it might experience using our Impact Calculator. There are a couple ways in which impact ratings are given by guardrail manufacturers and both can be confusing, so we help by explaining these ratings.   Information you must have:   What is the total weight … Read more

Automated Pedestrian Safety Gates

Did you know that Bulwark Safety Systems provides automated gates as part of our comprehensive pedestrian safety solutions. We recently completed a system that has 6 automated gates (image of one below), all controlled with one key fob. Every entrance to an area can be blocked with the push of one button, keeping forklifts out … Read more

Kee Safety-KeeGuard

Is your team accessing your roof on a regular basis for activities such as HVAC maintenance, filter changes or leaf and debris removal? If so, consider how much safer these activities would be with passive fall protection guardrails in place. Not all fall protection railing is built the same though. Here are 6 reasons that … Read more

Foot Pedals

Do you have electric foot pedals in your facility? Are they properly guarded to ensure they will not be accidentally tripped? OSHA 1910.217(b)(4)(i) states that “The pedal mechanism shall be protected to prevent unintended operation from falling or moving objects or by accidental stepping onto the pedal.”  Covers may not be enough to prevent accidental … Read more

Fall Protection for Machine Tops and Ladders

The Bulwark team regularly gets asked for fall protection help on machine tops and on older ladders that are not equipped with active fall protection systems. In both cases we have several simple solutions with low costs. Here are 2 of them:  The FallTech Temporary Horizontal Lifeline System can be used for safe access to … Read more

Our Heroes

“A hero is someone who has given his or her own life for something bigger than oneself.” – Joseph Campbell Today we give a special tribute to those who have sacrificed everything for our country. Bulwark Safety System is proud to honor and support these individuals that serve for our freedom. Thank you heroes.

OSHA’s New Working at Heights Program

OSHA has announced a new National Emphasis Program to reduce and prevent workplace falls effective May 1, 2023.  The National Emphasis Program Link Workplace falls are the leading cause of workplace fatalities and this program is aimed at protecting workers from falls and ensuring their safety while on the job. One of the key changes … Read more

Safety Success Stories: Anti-Slip & Ergonomic Matting

Did you know that you can eliminate trip hazards and slippery surfaces around your machines while providing your employees with the benefits of ergonomic matting? That is exactly what we achieved in this safety success example: This wasn’t the only client that added anti-slip to a very challenging environment. Check out this dirty and greasy … Read more