Sonetics Gen 3.2 Wireless Headsets

Sonetics Gen 3.2 Wireless Headsets Just when you think the best can’t get any better, Sonetics engineers are tirelessly working to improve what is already the finest wireless communications headsets available. Sonetics Gen 3.2 wireless headsets are now available from Bulwark Safety Systems. These headsets feature improved noise reduction ratings (NRR), from 20dB to 24dB … Read more

Hearing Protection Without Isolation Increases Overall Safety

Sonetics are the only headsets to address hearing protection as well as situational awareness, mobility and wireless communication. In addition to noise suppression, listen-through technology in Sonetics headsets prevents the isolation you can feel simply by using earplugs or muffs. Many workers opt out of hearing protection because they fear more what they won’t hear … Read more