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Making Workplaces Safer in 2023

These are some of the areas that we were able to help our clients with this last year: Pedestrian Safety: Guardrail, handrail, bollards, floor marking, anti-slip, projected signage, and RFID and Vision pedestrian location systems Machine Safety: Guarding, fencing, interlocks, light curtains, laser scanners, safety radars, safety mats and safety controllers Fall Protection: Roof railing, … Read more

Inxpect Safety Radar

Wouldn’t it be great to guard pallet wrappers and other machines that require regular access by operators and forklifts without the use of physical guards? With Inxpect Safety Radars, this is easy to achieve, and in some cases less expensive: Check out this short video showing how a safety radar system can be used to … Read more

OSHA Compliance Audits

Business owners, managers and other stakeholders are required to provide a safe work environment for employees. The general duty clause of OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910 requires you to provide a workplace free of recognized hazards.  In addition, workplace hazard assessments are required by law under 1910.132(d)(2) “The employer shall verify that the required workplace … Read more

Automated Roll up Doors

It is estimated that 80% of automated roll-up doors are using oversized motors. This means that many companies are not buying automated doors due to the overpriced quotes they receive. As a result they miss out on the benefits of automated doors. With Bulwark’s experts helping to select the right door for your application, you … Read more

Are your interlocks this rugged?

One of our customers approached us with an extremely challenging machine guarding application in a dirty, wet and sticky environment. After reviewing the project with the customer, we decided that a Fortress Interlocks mGard Key Exchange System would be the perfect solution, here’s why; Challenge: Customer needs regular access to six hatches on a machine … Read more

Kee Safety guard for MCC Panel

   Bulwark Safety Systems recently completed the installation of Kee Safety’s Kee Klamp pipe and fittings to protect a motor control panel. While several solutions were considered for this application, Kee Safety’s Kee Klamp came out on top. Kee Safety’s Kee Klamp system offers the most versatility, strength and affordability for a project such as … Read more

Machine Guard- Before & After

In the photo above, our customer had for many years been using an old filing cabinet as the guard on this Heckert FSS 400/S milling machine. Yes….I said filing cabinet. After what I am sure were many useful years as  a machine guard (who would have thought), it was determined that a better solution was … Read more

Light Curtains – Simple to Implement and Affordable

When a client asks us for help in designing guards for their machine they often have some kind of fabricated hard guard in mind. In many cases though, a light curtain may be less expensive than engineering, fabricating and fitting a hard guard. For example, a 30” Banner EZ-Screen LS is less than $1,000 and … Read more

Machine Risk Assessment’s and Improving Profitability

Once again failure to meet machine guarding standards (29 CFR 1910.212) was in the top 10 most frequently cited violations by OSHA in 2017. If you have machines in your facility, it is your responsibility to perform Machine Risk Assessments, but if done right these assessments can also increase your profitability by: Increasing productivity of … Read more

Bulwark at Northwest Food and Beverage World Show

Today was a great day for Bulwark Safety Systems at the Northwest Food and Beverage World Show at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Our vendors from Banner Engineering, Fortress Interlocks, Predictive Safety and Troax joined us in the booth and gave expert help to our visitors. If you are nearby on Tuesday January 9th … Read more

Why Do We Paint Bollards?

Why are companies consistently painting bollards and other steel barriers? Well of course it’s so that when people are walking your facility they can get the brightly colored yellow paint on their clothing right? Or maybe it’s done because labor to do it is so inexpensive. Maybe it’s just to make facilities look nice, because … Read more

Improving Task Lighting will Improve Productivity & Safety

Ceiling lighting just isn’t enough for most industrial applications. Adding task lighting is one of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to increase safety and productivity. Bulwark Safety Systems has arranged for an industrial task lighting demo kit from Banner Engineering. This kit includes a light meter and the most popular options for industrial LED … Read more

Bulwark Launches Updated Website

Bulwark Safety Systems is excited to announce the launch of our newly updated website at www.807b6827-0714-4edf-8865-42abc476289c.fs02.conves.io. Customers can now find more detailed information on Bulwark’s products and services faster and easier. So whether you’re interested in Machine Risk Assessments, Fit for Duty Software, or our line of innovative Safety Products you can now find a … Read more

Troax Guarding – The Right Product for Jobs Big and Small

Whether your project is big or small, your modern industrial processes are safe, when no one except authorized personnel has access to the company’s machines. Troax mesh panels for machine guarding provide maximum personal and machine safety in accordance with the Machinery Directive. Troax is a well-known name in machine guarding and machine security for the … Read more

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