Simple Retrofittable Machine Restart Protection

Lately, Bulwark Safety Systems has been seeing a lot more emphasis from clients on making sure there is no one in the danger zone prior to restarting a machine. To support our clients, we regularly protect against this concern by adding safety radars, safety scanners or pressure mats. Although, these solutions do require integration with … Read more

Work Zone Safety Lights

Work Zone Safety Lights are a highly visible way to get the attention of forklift traffic when there is temporary work being performed. The Bulwark installation team uses these LED lights to keep our team safe when we are in the path of forklifts and other vehicles. Below are a couple examples. Polymer guarding installation … Read more

Grinder Guards

Grinder guards are one of the simplest ways to make immediate improvements in your machine safety program. Our new ViziGuard system offers several benefits: Two large shields Interlock to ensure the shields are in place before the grinder can be started LED lighting Start/stop and e-stop buttons  Optional electronic brake Guard assembly easily mounts to … Read more

Case Study in Overhead Crane Collision Avoidance

  Process: Large sheets of aluminum are moved using an overhead crane across an aisle way that is used by forklifts.   Problem: An  overhead crane passes in front of a  doorway just inside the building. When a sheet of aluminum is being moved across the aisle way, there is potential for a forklift to crash … Read more

Kee Safety-KeeGuard

Is your team accessing your roof on a regular basis for activities such as HVAC maintenance, filter changes or leaf and debris removal? If so, consider how much safer these activities would be with passive fall protection guardrails in place. Not all fall protection railing is built the same though. Here are 6 reasons that … Read more

Foot Pedals

Do you have electric foot pedals in your facility? Are they properly guarded to ensure they will not be accidentally tripped? OSHA 1910.217(b)(4)(i) states that “The pedal mechanism shall be protected to prevent unintended operation from falling or moving objects or by accidental stepping onto the pedal.”  Covers may not be enough to prevent accidental … Read more

Fall Protection for Machine Tops and Ladders

The Bulwark team regularly gets asked for fall protection help on machine tops and on older ladders that are not equipped with active fall protection systems. In both cases we have several simple solutions with low costs. Here are 2 of them:  The FallTech Temporary Horizontal Lifeline System can be used for safe access to … Read more

Machine Guarding Fence Applications

Fencing is one of the least expensive ways to reduce hazards around your machines. Whether you have machines, robot cells, conveyor lines, or assets in need of protection, we have solutions. We even have stainless steel fencing if you have washdown areas.  Below are some examples of innovative fencing solutions we have provided: Large swing … Read more

Automated Machine Guard Doors

Automated Machine Guard Doors are a safe and cost effective way to increase productivity in machine and robot systems that require barriers between personnel and processes. These doors are especially effective when forklifts and other equipment enter the guarded area on a regular basis to drop off and remove materials.  Machine Guard Doors can come … Read more

Visit Bulwark at the NWFPA Expo.

  Bulwark Safety Systems is excited to announce our attendance in the Northwest Food and Beverage World Exposition taking place January 8th, 9th, and 10th, 2018 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland Oregon. Bulwark will be in booth 1522 and displaying many of our most innovative products and demo’s. We will also have expert … Read more