Equipment Inspection Systems

Is your OSHA required forklift pre-shift inspection system highly visible, simple to use and easily accessible? How about other equipment? Do you have a system with a consistent format for inspecting equipment like the following? AED Inspection Aerial Lift Inspection Bucket Truck Inspection Crane & Hoist Inspection Chipper / Shredder Inspection Cart Inspection Car / … Read more

Foot Pedals

Do you have electric foot pedals in your facility? Are they properly guarded to ensure they will not be accidentally tripped? OSHA 1910.217(b)(4)(i) states that “The pedal mechanism shall be protected to prevent unintended operation from falling or moving objects or by accidental stepping onto the pedal.”  Covers may not be enough to prevent accidental … Read more

OSHA’s New Working at Heights Program

OSHA has announced a new National Emphasis Program to reduce and prevent workplace falls effective May 1, 2023.  The National Emphasis Program Link Workplace falls are the leading cause of workplace fatalities and this program is aimed at protecting workers from falls and ensuring their safety while on the job. One of the key changes … Read more

OSHA Compliance Audits

Business owners, managers and other stakeholders are required to provide a safe work environment for employees. The general duty clause of OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910 requires you to provide a workplace free of recognized hazards.  In addition, workplace hazard assessments are required by law under 1910.132(d)(2) “The employer shall verify that the required workplace … Read more