Troax Perimeter Guarding Installation for Major Recycling Plant


Successful businesses want to look for a solid and reliable partner for their safety needs. Bulwark Safety Systems LLC, is that partner. We not only provide the best safety equipment, but we also offer safety assessments, quotes and installation of every product we sell.

When introducing new safety equipment, most businesses end up having to pull employees from maintenance or other departments, or even hire a contractor, in order to perform the installation. None of these individuals tend to be very experienced in installing safety equipment. Bulwark Safety Systems employs seasoned and knowledgeable installers for our safety equipment. Keep your employees focused on doing what they do best, and let us send our people to do what they do best, installing your new safety equipment. For larger projects, as shown here, we will even send one of our owners to the site in order to manage the project, so that your managers do not have to spend time overseeing our people.

As can be seen in the images above, Bulwark Safety Systems and one of it’s Oregon partners did a major installation of Troax perimeter fencing on a new recycling plant in California. This project was a high priority for our partner, so not only did we have an owner on-site throughout to manage the project, but we also facilitated the presence of a Troax representative during the early stage of the project, in order to efficiently and effectively deal with any challenges which could potentially slow the installation or require time from our partner’s project managers.

This particular project involved about 340’ of Troax perimeter safety fencing weaving in and out of hazardous areas, crossing obstructions high and low, and requiring many custom cut panels. This project, as it was quite complicated, was originally expected to require a week of installation time to complete. Our installers were able to complete it in just two days. This helped our partner to keep its overall project on-track and within time constraints.

Next time your company has a need for safety equipment and installation, contact Bulwark Safety Systems. We will help you find the right equipment to fit your needs and budget, deliver your equipment and if desired, professionally install it for you. You can call us at 971-330-8357 or email us at