Two Safety Problems- Two Safety Solutions…..It’s What We Do!

One of Bulwark Safety Systems customers had a problem….well two actually.

    • Problem #1–  They had a steel structure in an area near their loading docks where forklift traffic and truck traffic was extensive all day long. The structure was being hit and under threat of being hit constantly. With heavily laden pallets sometimes being pushed up against the building and other vehicles encircling it, this company’s investment was in constant danger. But what’s the best solution for protecting valuable assets in an outdoor environment such as this? Enter Bulwark Safety Systems and Boplan.
      • Solution–  Bulwark Safety Systems employed the use of Boplan’s TB Double Plus Polymer Guardrail System. In terms of impact resistance, the TB Double Plus is subjected to strict tests and checks, just like any other products in the FLEX IMPACT® line. After a crash against the TB Double Plus, the system retakes its original shape. A collision cannot sweep this robust guardrail out of true. It retains its external appearance and other properties. Additionally, this traffic barrier is modular and easy to install as seen below.       
    • Problem #2–  Inside a congested loading dock was a scheduling board located on the wall opposite the inside of the dock. There was also an office door with pedestrian traffic in and out throughout the day. Employees would have to enter notations on the scheduling board while their back was turned to the loading dock. Pedestrians exiting the door had to walk around them, all while pallets with heavy and awkward materials stacked on top were moved across the room forcing pedestrians to share this same space. How do you keep employees safe under these conditions? Enter Bulwark Safety Systems and Boplan.
      • Solution–  Bulwark Safety Systems and Boplan used the FLEX IMPACT® TB Plus polymer guardrail to protect workers inside the dock. The TB Plus is a hybrid between the TB 400 single-tube guardrail and the HP Plus handrail. Combining both the strength and height makes this the ideal product for protecting pedestrians. TB Plus barrier is extremely impact-resistant and after a crash this barrier retains its original shape, appearance and properties. The TB Plus is light, modular and easy to install and is ideal for creating walkways and protecting pedestrians from pallet trucks, lift trucks, forklifts or other vehicles with limited speeds.

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