What We Do


What We Do

Fall Protection

If your business needs fall protection guardrails, handrails or self-closing gates on docks, platforms, ladders, rooftops or anywhere else, we have OSHA approved solutions.

Machine Guarding

We'll determine the right safety equipment with on site evaluations, information, specifications, quotes, delivery AND installation providing you turn key solutions to all your machine safety needs.

Pedestrian Safety

From low tech red and blue safety lights, to physical barriers like flexible guardrails and handrails, to high tech RFID sensors and more; we can help find the best solution for your pedestrian safety needs.

Machine Risk Assessments

Our Licensed Machine Safety Specialists offer a full range of assessments to make sure you are in compliance with OSHA and more importantly, to be sure that everyone goes home safe from work.

Professional Installation

Our team will perform your installation in a timely manner to reduce your downtime and maintain your productivity. Weekend installs are available to reduce impact on your operations.

Fatigue &
Impairment Detection

Quickly determine if on employee should be performing the task in the first place by testing employees alertness before a shift or before performing a hazardous task.

Protect your team in 3 easy steps


We assess the needs of the team


We create comprehensive solutions


We install your custom solution

We Operate at the Highest Level Because We Care

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