What We Do

Bulwark Safety Systems - A Comprehensive Strategy to Create a Safe Workplace

The founders of Bulwark Safety Systems are dedicated to making safe workplaces achievable and it is our belief that a safer workplace will increase your productivity and profitability.

We understand the standards and regulations which govern safety practices can be overwhelming and we're here to make sense of it by offering a comprehensive strategy to creating a safe workplace.

Bulwark Designs and Delivers Workplace Safety Systems

We design and deliver workplace safety systems covering three critical practices.

- Fall Protection
- Machine Guarding
- Pedestrian Safety

Fall Protection

OSHA requires safety measures to be in place to prevent employees from slips, trips and falls from heights. Bulwark Safety Systems offers safety solutions to prevent these types of falls that often result in injuries or death. If your business needs fall protection guardrails, handrails or self-closing gates on docks, platforms, ladders, rooftops or anywhere else, we have OSHA approved solutions. If you need anti-slip tape, plates, or if you need ergonomic mats that cover cables and other trip hazards we can help with that too. And, if your business requires the use of a harness, lanyards, SRL's and the like, we have what you need. As always, if you need installation for any of these solutions we provide that too.

Machine Guarding

Machine guarding can be tricky. This is where teaming up with an expert from Bulwark Safety Systems is most beneficial. We know you are an expert in the use and maintenance of your machines. You may even have full time employees who evaluate safety hazards throughout your company. But maintenance professionals and safety professionals are not typically experts in design, selection and implementation of the proper safety equipment for your machines. When you partner with Bulwark Safety Systems, you have an expert resource you can trust to help you select the most appropriate safety solutions available anywhere on the market. We offer free on site evaluations of your machines to determine the right safety equipment. Offering on site evaluations, information, specifications, quotes, delivery AND installations provides you with turn key solutions to all your machine safety needs.

Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrians and employee's need to be protected from forklifts, other vehicles, cranes, or any moving equipment while they work and move around your facility. Preventing collisions between vehicles or between vehicles and pedestrians are some of the most important safety measures to be addressed. But, they can also be some of the most challenging. This is why Bulwark Safety Systems provides numerous solutions for reducing the opportunities for collisions. From low tech red and blue safety lights, to physical barriers like flexible guardrails and handrails, to high tech RFID sensors and more; we can help find the best solution for your pedestrian safety needs.